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The agriculture industry has seen quite a lot of upheveals in India over the last few decades since the days of Green revolution to the recent disasters in recent times leading to suicides of thousands of farmers. Water stress, climate change, inflation, middlemen and a host of various other socio economic factors have caused quite a havoc in the economic well being of the people associated with the industry which once employed India’s majority workforce.

  • Familiy Problems
  • Illness
  • Farming problems
  • Bankruptcy
  • Drug Abuse
  • Others

Causes of farmer suicides in India

Major risks to Agriculture

  • Government policy change
  • Middlemen
  • Large retail chains
  • Climate change
  • Water stress
  • Pests

Types of insurances

  • Transit Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Weather based crop insurance
  • Deterioation of Stocks
  • Machinery breakdown policy
  • Crop insurance

Why Futurefirst?

Future First has been closely working with Agriculture Co-operatives , Primary Agriculture Credit Societies, Associations and Government Agencies to understand the risk involved in the different value chain of Agriculture sector and actively participate with its insurance partners (i.e., Insurance Companies) to develop a set of products to minimize / mitigate risks that the farmers are exposed to, in the rural India which would primarily include crop protection schemes, health and medical coverage and other general insurances.

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