Micro Insurance

Future First has its roots in the micro insurance sector.
With its deep understanding of micro insurance sector, we have developed
path breaking insurance solutions with insurance partners ( insurance
companies ) which are affordable and simple to insure the least insured
section of the society through our distribution network and partnering with
other agencies working in this sector. We have also worked in innovative
products ranging from mobile airtime based insurance to pay-as-you-go
insurance schemes in other markets.

  • High Level of Costs
  • Lack of Awareness
  • Lack of Data
  • Affordability
  • Local Regulations
  • Others

We have the experience of working with telecom companies to provide innovative insurance solutions to make insurance available to the mass populations in the most affordable and simplistic manner.

Future First has helped micro finance organisations in addressing the insurance
needs of its member by providing them the right insurance product mix to
mitigate their personal and business risks.

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